Related Events

3rd International Conference on “Changing Cities III: Spatial, design, landscape & socio-economic dimensions”

Conference Date: 26-30 June 2017 Location: Syros, Delos, Mykonos islands, Greece Organized by University of Thessaly Volos, Greece Link:

Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) Annual Congress 2017: Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity. Fostering the European Dimension of Planning.

Congress Date: 11-14 July 2017 Location: Lisbon, Portugal Organized by a joint endeavour of IST (Instituto Superior Técnico), IGOT (Geography and Spatial Planning Institute) and FA (Faculty of Architecture), three schools at the University of Lisbon (ULisboa, Portugal) and also UA (University of Aveiro) that hosts the PhD Workshop at the city of Aveiro. Link:

5th ERSA (European Regional Science Association) Congress: Social Progress for Resilient Regions

Congress Date: 29 August-1 September 2017 Location: Groningen, Τhe Netherlands Organized by European Regional Science Association (ERSA) & University of Groningen & Regional Science Association International (RSAI) Link:

20th EURO Working Group on Transportation Meeting

Meeting Date: 4-6 September 2017 Location: Budapest, Hungary Organized by EWGT Link:

RC21 Research Committee 21 on Sociology of Urban and Regional Development of the International Sociological Association) Conference 2017: “Rethinking Urban Global Justice”

Conference Date: 11-13 September 2017 Location: Leeds, UK Organized by University of Leeds Link:

European Transport Forum (ETF) 2016 theme: Reduction of CO2 emissions from transport: where do we stand?

Forum Date: 27 September 2017 Location: Brussels, Belgium Link:

CIVITAS Forum Conference

Conference Date: 27-29 September2017 Location: Torres Vedras, Portugal Organized by CIVITAS Link:

45th European Transport Conference

Annual Conference Date: 4-6 October 2017 Location: Barcelona, Spain Organized by Association for European Transport Link:

6th International Conference “TOWARDS A HUMANE CITY” – Smart Mobility – Synergy Between Sustainable Mobility and New Technologies

International Conference Date: 26-27 October 2017 Location: Novi Sad, Serbia Organized by University of Novi Sad / Faculty of Technical Sciences, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina / Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Construction and Transport, Association Humane City, Novi Sad Link:

International Conference of the Project “Community Participation in Planning”

Conference Date: 25 November 2017 Location: Aveiro, Portugal Organized by University of Aveiro Link:

POLIS conference on “Transport innovation for sustainable cities and regions”

Annual Conference Date: 6-7 December 2017 Location: Brussels, Belgium Organized by Polis (network of European cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport) Link:

Smart Cities & Mobility as a Service Conference 2017

Conference Date: 7-8 December 2017 Location: Patras, Greece Organized by University of Patras, Department of Civil Engineering, in cooperation with ITS Hellas and with the support of the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers Link:

Transport Research Arena 2018

Conference Date: 16-19 April 2018 Location: Vienna, Austria Organized by European Commission, European Technology Platforms on Transport and Mobility, Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austrian Institute of Technology and AustriaTech Link: