Related Events

European Transport Forum (ETF) 2016 theme: Reduction of CO2 emissions from transport: where do we stand?

Forum Date: 27 September 2017 Location: Brussels, Belgium Link:

CIVITAS Forum Conference

Conference Date: 27-29 September2017 Location: Torres Vedras, Portugal Organized by CIVITAS Link:

45th European Transport Conference

Annual Conference Date: 4-6 October 2017 Location: Barcelona, Spain Organized by Association for European Transport Link:

6th International Conference “TOWARDS A HUMANE CITY” – Smart Mobility – Synergy Between Sustainable Mobility and New Technologies

International Conference Date: 26-27 October 2017 Location: Novi Sad, Serbia Organized by University of Novi Sad / Faculty of Technical Sciences, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina / Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Construction and Transport, Association Humane City, Novi Sad Link:

International Conference of the Project “Community Participation in Planning”

Conference Date: 25 November 2017 Location: Aveiro, Portugal Organized by University of Aveiro Link:

POLIS conference on “Transport innovation for sustainable cities and regions”

Annual Conference Date: 6-7 December 2017 Location: Brussels, Belgium Organized by Polis (network of European cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport) Link:

Smart Cities & Mobility as a Service Conference 2017

Conference Date: 7-8 December 2017 Location: Patras, Greece Organized by University of Patras, Department of Civil Engineering, in cooperation with ITS Hellas and with the support of the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers Link:

Transport Research Arena 2018

Conference Date: 16-19 April 2018 Location: Vienna, Austria Organized by European Commission, European Technology Platforms on Transport and Mobility, Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austrian Institute of Technology and AustriaTech Link: