Discussing possible synergies between social entrepreneurship/innovation and Public Transport in a CIPTEC local workshop at Thessaloniki The CIPTEC local workshop on social entrepreneurship at Thessaloniki, entitles “Social Innovation/Entrepreneurship and Public Transport in Cities: Identifying barriers and opportunities”, was held on 20th of October, 2017. The participatory workshop was organised by […]

Social entrepreneurship workshop in Thessaloniki

The social entrepreneurship workshop in Rotterdam, within the CIPTEC project, entitled: “How to involve social entrepreneurs in the Public Transport” was held on 12th of October 2017. The workshop was organized by the Metropolitan region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) and took place at Fenix Food Factory in Rotterdam. The Fenix Food […]

Social entrepreneurship workshop in Rotterdam

In CIPTEC we utilised two collective intelligence methods with the aim to generate innovative ideas for the public transport sector. We started by defining the framework under which these activities should be conducted (Task 3.1 Collective intelligence framework to promote innovation in public transport sector), we developed the CIPTEC crowdsourcing […]

Results of the CIPTEC collective intelligence methods

Winners of the CIPTEC crowdsourcing campaign in Thessaloniki
On 12 July 2017, the winning ideas which have emerged from the Greek CIPTEC crowdsourcing campaign were presented and their initiators were awarded at a ceremony which was organized for the occasion at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In fact, 164 ideas were submitted in total, while approximately 6,500 people […]

The winning ideas of the CIPTEC crowdsourcing campaign in Thessaloniki!

The CIPTEC Project was present at the ECOMM 2017 Conference in Maastricht. ECOMM being the most important mobility conference in Europe, attracts more than 400 experts and professionals from the mobility domain and fosters cooperation and knowledge exchange with a strong focus on practical issues. CIPTEC presented the Crowdsourcing platform, […]

CIPTEC project at ECOMM 2017

CIPTEC, a CIVITAS/Horizon 2020 research project, is addressing the challenge of ‘Tackling urban road congestion’ by promoting the creation of a favourable environment for Public Transport growth bringing in new thinking and innovative solutions. Within its frame, citizens were engaged in four locally based crowdsourcing campaigns at Thessaloniki, Rotterdam, Southern […]

CIPTEC Crowdsourcing campaign at Thessaloniki wins the national “ECOPOLIS ...

Would you like to co-design with us the future of the Public Transport sector and improve the quality of life in cities? Please answer the following questions! We are asking you to contribute 10 minutes from your valuable time in filling out the following evaluation questionnaire, regarding promising and innovative […]

Survey: Promising and innovative ideas, concepts and services that could ...

The audience award won by Mark Hartgring with his idea OV seats (left). He received the award from Lodewijk Lacroix of the metropolitan region Rotterdam The Hague.
The CIPTEC public award meeting for the crowdsourcing campaign of MRDH was held on 20th April 2017. The citizens of the metropolitan region Rotterdam The Hague were encouraged to submit an innovative idea to improve public transport in the region. The MRDH was the initiator of the competition, being supported […]

And the winner of the CIPTEC public award of MRDH ...

LET’S CO-SHAPE THE INNOVATIVE PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEMS OF OUR FUTURE CITIES: MOBILIZE YOUR THINKING AND FILL IN OUR QUESTIONNAIRE! Real time information apps, WiFi, special assistance services, alternative payment and pricing methods, social media, gamification, smart cards, etc., are among the innovations that re-shape the passengers travel experience by Public […]

Co-shape the innovative public transport system of our future cities: ...

The second co-creation workshop in Thessaloniki, within the CIPTEC project “Crucial Trends and Challenges which Public Transport is facing. Answers given by formulating innovative ideas”, was held on the 9th of December, 2016. The workshop was organized by AUTh and took place at the new co-working space of OK!Thess initiative. A warm […]

Second co-creation workshop in Thessaloniki