CIPTEC project consortium, a committed member of the CIVITAS ‘family’!

CIPTEC project will be presented in the next CIVITAS Forum Conference 2016 that will be hosted by the city of Gdynia, Poland, between 28th and 30th September 2016 with the theme “Shaping the Mobility of Tomorrow”.

The CIVITAS initiative is a useful instrument for policy innovation, exploitable by projects, which includes, among others, special thematic groups of experts, an annual forum conference, supporting activities (e.g. webinars, trainings, etc.), a website for disseminating results and enabling interaction among users, the CIVITAS exchange hub where private discussions by invitation can start, a Learning Centre and a Knowledge base. The CIVITAS Forum Network includes close to 250 cities from 37 countries from Europe and beyond, which have formally committed to clean and sustainable urban transport. Its annual conferences stand for an ideal opportunity for dialogue and knowledge exchange among cities, European politicians and experts in the field of urban mobility. They provide also the opportunity to high level representatives of the European Commission and the CIVITAS community to share news and information about policy issues and relevant programmes.

Last October, CIVITAS Forum 2015 took place in Ljubljana in Slovenia and the CAPITAL project prepared two dedicated meetings, offered in the frame of CIVITAS forum, for the 10 new H2020/CIVITAS projects that started in the spring of 2015. CIPTEC, being one of the new knowledge generating research CIVITAS projects, was represented by Mr. Evangelos Genitsaris in the two dedicated Coordinators’ meetings and was welcomed in the “CIVITAS family”. The goal of the meetings was to establish concrete plans for cooperation among the projects at an early stage, in order to ensure that the available budget reaches its maximum potential, to benefit from one another’s work and explore opportunities within the wider CIVITAS community.

The aim of the first meeting, during which participants presented the projects they represented, was to brief new CIVITAS projects about the CIVITAS community and specific cooperation opportunities among themselves and with the current CIVITAS demonstration projects. The aim of the second meeting was to engage in a guided discussion, enabling each new CIVITAS project to understand the potential of taking active part in the CIVITAS community, creating a stronger impact on the programme level and also to establish an informal CIVITAS Coordination Group to facilitate cooperation and exchange activities. Moreover, projects were clustered in several thematic groups, e.g. “business models”, “vehicles” (including: ELIPTIC, EMPOWER, CIPTEC), etc. that could encourage the creation of synergies between projects with common aims. For example, EMPOWER project is sharing some common aspects with CIPTEC project and focuses on several aspects, such as positive incentives (rewards, recognition, etc.), Living Labs and business models. It is interesting that ThePTA, the Transport Authority of Thessaloniki, the city where a local collective innovation campaign in the frame of CIPTEC will take place, was selected as one of the take-up cities of the EMPOWER project after evaluation in the spring 2016.

The CIPTEC project coordinator, the Transport Systems Research Group (TSRG) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, will participate in the upcoming CIVITAS forum. Prof. Aristotelis Naniopoulos will deliver a technical presentation, entitled “The CIPTEC project concept and findings concerning market trends, users’ and stakeholders’ needs and invitations ranking”, describing in brief the CIPTEC project’s concept and its main findings after the completion of the 1st year of its implementation. The project activities that are expected to follow the conclusion of the campaigns will be outlined. In addition, a specific stand devoted to the CIVITAS projects may be also available, as happened in the CIVITAS forum last year.

If you are planning to attend CIVITAS Forum and would like to know more about CIPTEC project in person, let us know. We would be happy for a vivid chat during the sessions’ breaks!