Co-creation / Co-design workshops

Βetween May 2016 – December 2016, eight (8) CIPTEC co-creation workshops will be deployed in four targeted locations (Rotterdam and The Hague, Frankfurt, Tuscany, Thessaloniki), aiming to bring together Public Transport stakeholders and cross-fertilize their experience and expertise with a view to generate innovative concepts, services and products with the potential to enhance Public Transport attractiveness and share in the transport modal split of European cities.

The endeavor of bringing together and blending people with various backgrounds in a collaborative process contains serious risks that can jeopardize the co-creation process itself as well as the resulting concepts. To this end, the CIPTEC partners engaged in an in-depth planning procedure that will nurture the ground for the successful implementation of the project’s co-creation activities and will ensure the generation of clear, promising and innovative Public Transport concepts.

In further detail, Deliverable 3.3 “Co-creation/co- design workshops” constitutes a continuation of previous project work and provides a detailed description of the workshops’ organisational aspects. Planning for the CIPTEC co-creation workshops includes several steps. However, the baseline of the entire process is that the workshops will be tailored to the local contexts and specificities of the cities in which they will be implemented. The deliverable sets the individual plans of each co-creation workshop, specifying their scope, objectives, date / place / duration, participants, methods and people involved as well as other logistic information. On top of these, the report also provides a general overview of the process and how this will be implemented in the course of the project, as well as a description of a suite of available co-creation methodologies.

All in all the report is an important guide in the hands of the co-creation workshops’ organisers, since it will support them in the process of setting up and implementing their events.