Collective Intelligence processes due to start in four cities

Crowdsourcing platform and eight workshops ready to launch. Stay tuned!

One of CIPTEC’s main goals is to explore new thinking and solutions for improving Public Transport throughout Europe. This goal will be achieved through rigorous sourcing of stakeholders’ opinion in a bottom-up fashion. To this end, intensive crowdsourcing and co-creation processes are currently being planned, and will be implemented over a period of ten months (May-December 2016).

More specifically, a crowdsourcing platform where ideators will be able to submit their ideas and vote and comment on the ideas of others will be developed. In parallel, eight workshops focused on local needs will take place in four areas: Thessaloniki, Frankfurt, Southern Tuscany, Rotterdam. The themes of the workshops will vary, addressing a broad range of problems that Public Transport stakeholders face.

The best ideas from the crowdsourcing platform and the local workshops will be forwarded to CIPTEC’s “Toolbox for Public Transport Innovation”. Using this toolbox, Public Transport Authorities and Operators will be able to draw innovative ideas and use them to advance and to innovate in their Public Transport services.

Stay tuned, as CIPTEC’s collective intelligence approaches are about to begin! Visit our website: