CIPTEC project and the Public Transport Council (PTC) of Singapore

Establishing contact between CIPTEC project and the Public Transport Council (PTC) of Singapore

On March 6, 2017 a fruitful networking meeting was realised in Copenhagen between CIPTEC project and the representatives of Public Transport Council (PTC) of Singapore.

PTC organisation was established in 1987 under the Public Transport Council Act (Cap 259B) and it is operating within the ambit of the Public Transport Council Act, in accordance with the overarching public transport policies. PTC is responsible for the regulation of public transport fares and ticket payment services. Since January 2016, PTC advices the Minister for Transport of Singapore regarding public transport related issues. According to the mandate, PTC had to submit an Advisory Report to the responsible Minister after studying, among others, the public transport aspects that could enhance commuter’s experience and how commuters could co-create and report their own experiences on Public Transport.

In the meeting, CIPTEC was represented by Mrs. Hafieda El Aissati from MRDH, while PTC was represented by Mr. Richard Magnus, Chairman (PTC), Mr. Alvin Chia, Chief Executive (PTC), Ms. HENG Ju-Li, Director of Research & Advisory (PTC) and Ms. Candice YEO, Benchmarking & Advisory (PTC). PTC expressed its interest about CIPTEC project and the collective intelligence activities (particularly, co-creation activities and crowdsourcing campaigns) towards the generation of innovation for the Public Transport in European cities that have been implemented within it.

During the meeting, Mrs. Hafieda El Aissati presented the co-creation activities of the CIPTEC project and discussed her personal experiences in coordinating the crowdsourcing campaign and co-creation activities organised at local level in the Netherlands in the frame of MRDH’s responsibilities in CIPTEC.

The possibility of transferring the knowledge developed in the frame of CIPTEC was explored, particularly with regards to the creation of a structure and a methodological approach on how PTC can work towards involving key stakeholders, i.e. PTOs and commuters, identifying mobility problems and encouraging the co-creation of solutions.

Figure 1: Mr. Richard Magnus (PTC) and Hafieda El Aissati (MRDH)