Informal Seminar on Consumer Behaviour and Behavioural Engineering Research on 11th of July 2016

On 11th July 2016, AUTh, as CIPTEC coordinator, and KU Leuven, as leader partner of WP4, entitled ‘Advanced marketing research and consumer experimentation’, co-organised with the support of the University of Macedonia (UoM) in its premises an informal seminar on the topic of Consumer Behavior and Behavioral Engineering Research, mainly addressed to the PhD students and young researchers.

At the beginning, prof. Aristotelis Naniopoulos, CIPTEC project coordinator, delivered a presentation about the travel behavioural change with reference to the CIPTEC project and other  past project experiences of AUTh (such as the SmartMove project).

The keynote presentation was given by prof. Siegfried Dewitte and Assistant prof. Sabrina Bruyneel from the Behavioural Engineering Research Group of the KU Leuven. The presentation was an introduction to the Consumer Behavior and Behavioral Engineering Research and their applications in the  transport field in the frame of the CIPTEC project.

By the conclusion of the presentations, participants enjoyed the fruitful discussions with the speakers and expressed their interest of being informed about the next steps and results of project.