EU level workshop on customer needs

An EU level workshop was organised in Brussels on June 8th 2016 by EPF to validate the findings obtained so far during the CIPTEC project, focussing especially on the outcomes of D1.2 (Report on analysis of customers’ groups and users’ needs per customer group). During the workshop, which was attended by nearly thirty experts from diverse backgrounds, elements from several techniques were combined – Map-It, World Café and Focus Group.

In the first part of the workshop, participants were asked which target groups have most potential for PT. A consensus was reached on the following groups: daily commuters, young professionals, active seniors and off-peak travellers/tourists. Three of these groups were discussed in more detail in the next round of the workshop. This round included a brainstorm session in small groups on how to reach out to these promising segments for PT. Finally, the participants were divided into new groups and asked to rank customer needs in a more general way. However, between the groups as well as within each group, no real consensus could be reached. We had to conclude that apparently, it is difficult to rank customer needs because the needs are different for each customer group. They depend also on the situation, location and the purpose of travel.

The full report will be available on the CIPTEC website soon!