Progress of CIPTEC project

CIPTEC project concluded its first year of activities successfully and is ready to embark on its second phase!


CIPTEC (Collective Innovation for Public Transport in European Cities) is an EU Horizon 2020 project, addressing the challenge for “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” and a CIVITAS knowledge generating project in the area of “Tackling urban congestion”. The main aim of the project is to bring new thinking and innovative solutions for Public Transport, creating a favourable environment for the growth of Public Transport. The project started on May of 2015 and it will run 36 months.

CIPTEC is articulated in three phases. More specifically, the first phase regards the current innovation, the second one regards the future innovation and the third one focuses on the capitalization of current and future innovation. The first two phases are running in parallel and will feed the third one.

Currently CIPTEC project has just completed successfully its first year of implementation and the activities of the first phase are close to an ending. In more detail, an analysis of current market and social trends, not only from the Public Transport systems, but also from other business sectors, has been completed. It was an essential part of the project since global market trends play an important role in the way diverse customers groups behave. During this Phase, CIPTEC investigated the specific needs of users and potential users of Public Transport systems in order to identify their requirements from Public Transport services. Another important activity that took place during the first year was the profiling of Public Transport Authorities and Operators on an EU level and the analysis of their needs, aiming to identify the differences and the gaps between the supply and demand sides of the Public Transport sector. The current innovation phase ended with the recording and evaluation of existing innovative services, not only from the Public Transport sector, but also from other transport and business sectors.

At this time, CIPTEC has entered its second phase, exploring the ‘unknown’ and co-creating new solution in the Public Transport sector in a bottom-up way. The main goal of this phase is to develop innovative concepts in the Public Transport sector by means of collective intelligence. A crowdsourcing platform is under development, in order to investigate new and innovative ideas for the advancement of the Public Transport sector. Moreover, co-creation workshops in four main European cities will be held with the aim to collect more innovative ideas for the improvement of Public Transport sector and for the increase of its market share. This phase will be completed with an experimental analysis of the generated innovations.

Soon, the most important outcomes and deliverables of the project will be uploaded on the website: