Second co-creation workshop in Frankfurt

During the second co-creation workshop that was held on 23rd of November, 2016 the council of PT users of Frankfurt revealed their willingness to support the CIPTEC project and its crowdsourcing platform. The workshop was organized by the Local Public Transport Authority of Frankfurt: traffiQ. It took place at the office building and focused on two innovations: Mobility as a service and establishing alternate financial sources by beneficiaries.

The scope of the workshop was to link the insights of the CIPTEC project on a local scale to discuss innovations expected to be promising for an implementation in Frankfurt (innovations already identified through the CIPTEC project and innovations co-created by the council of PT users within the workshop), examine their implementation, support the crowd sourcing platform and integrate the results of the workshop on the platform.

Objectives of the workshops and results achieved were:

  1. to identify and evaluate innovations for PT that could be implemented in Frankfurt,
  2. to develop new innovations from ideas of the council of PT users by brainstorming within the group,
  3. to rank (by dot voting) the innovations and select the two most promising innovations (“mobility as a service” & “beneficiary user financing PT”),
  4. to co-create the local implementation of the selected innovations in detail by the technique of world café,
  5. to raise awareness about the crowdsourcing platform and to disseminate it,
  6. to get the council of public transport users to test, use and get content on the crowdsourcing platform,
  7. to convince the council of public transport users to function as multiplier for the platform.