The 2nd CIPTEC co-creation workshop was held in Siena, November 24th 2016 with the involvement of more 30 attends representing both the main stakeholders coming from the different citizens associations and the TIEMME staff and the Local Authority. The title of this second workshop “FROM LISTENING TO THE DIALOGUE” (in […]

Second co-creation workshop in Siena

During the second co-creation workshop that was held on 23rd of November, 2016 the council of PT users of Frankfurt revealed their willingness to support the CIPTEC project and its crowdsourcing platform. The workshop was organized by the Local Public Transport Authority of Frankfurt: traffiQ. It took place at the office […]

Second co-creation workshop in Frankfurt

The second co-creation workshop in Rotterdam, within the CIPTEC project was entitled “Co-create ideas on City marketing, MaaS and Flexible subscriptions to encourage public transport use”. The workshop was held on the 20th of October 2016. The workshop was organized by MRDH and took place at the head quarter of […]

Second co-creation workshop in Rotterdam

The first co-creation workshop in Rotterdam, within the CIPTEC project, entitled: “Identification of new innovative ideas in the field of Public Transport” was held on 10th of October 2016, . The workshop was organized by MRDH and took place at the headquarters of one of the public transport operators. The overall […]

First co-creation workshop in Rotterdam

call for sponsors
Open call for potential sponsoring for the European level Crowdsourcing campaign of the CIPTEC project European citizens can share their concerns for the future of the Public Transport and can submit their innovative ideas in the frame of the crowdsourcing campaign that is running within the EU Horizon 2020 research […]

Open call for sponsors

Hello Take part in our survey! Real time information apps, WiFi, special assistance services, alternative payment and pricing methods, social media, gamification, smart cards, etc., are among the innovations that re-shape the passengers travel experience by Public Transport in our cities. Which of them are the most important for you? […]

CIPTEC online survey

The first co-creation workshop in Thessaloniki, within CIPTEC project, entitled: “Improving mobility in our city: we identify the major problems of public transport and seek for innovative solutions!” was held on 21st of October 2016. The workshop was organized by AUTh and took place at the new co-working space of […]

First co-creation workshop in Thessaloniki

CIPTEC, as part of the CIVITAS knowledge generating research projects family, participated actively in multiple ways in the last CIVITAS FORUM Conference, held on 28-30 September in Gdynia, under the theme “SHAPING THE MOBILITY OF TOMORROW”. Hundreds of CIVITAS stakeholders, from cities, consultancies, industry and research sector, from all around […]

CIPTEC in CIVITAS Forum 2016

During March and April 2016, CIPTEC coordinator AUTh, commissioned a survey about CIPTEC project findings of current market and societal trends, which are bound to influence the demand for public transport services as they evolve. The survey yielded 450 completed questionnaires with respondents originating from 17 countries. After the analysis […]

The CIPTEC Poster about Contemporary Market and Societal Trends and ...

Brian Masson from Ortelio Ltd (UK partner) presented CIPTEC project in over 100 delegates from transport operators, authorities and communities during an EU Mobility event in Cagliari, Sardinia on September 22nd. The event was organized in the framework of the EU Mobility Week 2016.  

CIPTEC project presentation at EU Mobility event 2016

Βetween May 2016 – December 2016, eight (8) CIPTEC co-creation workshops will be deployed in four targeted locations (Rotterdam and The Hague, Frankfurt, Tuscany, Thessaloniki), aiming to bring together Public Transport stakeholders and cross-fertilize their experience and expertise with a view to generate innovative concepts, services and products with the […]

Co-creation / Co-design workshops

public transport crowdsourcing campaign
In CIPTEC we are soon planning to launch four crowdsourcing campaigns that will take place in Thessaloniki, Rotterdam, Southern Tuscany and Frankfurt! If you have an innovative idea for public transport in any other city, you are welcome to submit your idea to our generic crowdsourcing campaign that we launched today. Visit […]

Coming soon: CIPTEC EU crowdsourcing campaign